The beautiful history of the Trattoria della Posta began in 1875 when Sabino Massolino - the current owner's great-grandfather - opened a rest and stabling point for travellers in Monforte d'Alba, in the very heart of Langhe.
Through the years the restaurant was managed uninterruptly by Massolino family, becoming one of the centers of Langhe typical cuisine.
In the Second World War aftermath, another Sabino - the current owner grandfather - definitely increased the restaurant's standards by improving the wine list's quality and quantity.
In 1985 Sabino and his wife Elvira were joined in the restaurant's management by their son Gianfranco.
Gianfranco Massolino, an expert both Italian and international cuisine as very interested in food experimentation, gives a turn to the Trattoria della Posta 's cuisine, by keeping the local roots steady but aiming at absolute quality.
In 2000 a countryside house on the hills becomes the new seat of the restaurant, which allowed to create an environment that is both elegant and connected to the traditions and memories of events and people characterising the Trattoria della Posta 's first 130 years of history.

Monforte d'Alba nei prima anni del '900, sullo sfondo l'antica Trattoria della Posta   Sabino Massolino   Sabino Massolino
Gianfranco Massolino   Gianfranco Massolino   Gianfranco Massolino